Agrain® upcycles leftover grains into delicious, nutritious, climate friendly products

Agrain® is superfood in everyday format, that contribute to a healthier ingestion, increases satiety and gives a boost on the climate-friendliness-barometer. Upcycled food – are food of the future.

Re-using the sidestream from beer production

Agrain® has a mission on reducing hunger, food loss and the food industries’ massive climate footprint, that stands for 22% of the total global CO2 emissions. 1/3 of all food are wasted. This corresponds to 1,3 billion tons of food every year!

Beer is the third most consumed beverage, only surpassed by water and tea. One of the biggest sidestreams from the food industry are brewer’s spent grains. Agrain® upcycles the leftover grains from the breweries, into delicious and nutritious everyday products.

After the sugars has been extracted from the grains, the breweries do not need the grains anymore. The leftover grains are full of fibre and protein, and by implementing it in products that are already on the shelves, Agrain® makes it easier for the consumer to make a sustainable and healthy choice in the supermarket. 

Super grain flour with low CO2 emissions

Agrain® produces super grain flour, and this is in many ways a better alternative to existing flour products. The production of Agrain® super grains are gentle. Both in terms of maintaining the unique and roasted flavors of the malted and mashed grains and the nutrient composition. But also in terms of being climate friendly. Our flour is using already existing resources. For every 100 kg of Agrain® produced, 24-44 kg CO2 are spared, compared to other climate friendly flour products.

Nutritional values and taste surpass regular flour

The super grain flour is highly nutritious where 100 g of flour contain 20 g of protein and 50 g of dietary fibre, with a low sugar content. By replacing your flour for a bread with 10-15% of super grain flour, it is possible to increase the fibre content with up to 70%. Agrain® super grain flour is also used as an ingredient in other products: Agrain® Granola, Agrain® Crisps and Agrain® Crackers.

About Agrain®

We started our entrepreneurial journey in food innovation at the University of Copenhagen. We pursued a great interest in the development of food, with upcycled (recycled) leftover grains from beer brewing. The founders of Agrain®: Emil and Karin won the start-up competition Venture Cup in 2018.
This paved the way for the company Circular Food Technology in June 2018 to be founded by Karin, Emil and Aviaja. In March 2019, production was founded and the brand Agrain® was created.

Agrain® participated in Coop Crowdfunding’s initiative: Coop Klimafunding, which is aimed at food producers and -companies who want to produce more climate friendly foods. The initiative launched 16 companies’s individual crowdfunding campaigns and is currently raising investment from the consumers that are backing their campaigns.

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Coop Crowdfunding bridges the gap between innovative food producers and consumers willing to invest money in small local projects. The platform is a new form of cooperative financing, taking advantage of the Danes’ growing interest in local and sustainable food to help producers access financing to implement their ideas.

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