Centre for Green Transition in Aalborg

The Centre for Green Transition focuses on green businesses, housing development and behaviour.

The Centre for Green Transition was created in 2013 and is a central driver of the green transition in the City of Aalborg.

The Centre for Green Transition is an umbrella of projects addressing sustainability and partnerships throughout the city. Among other things, the Centre supports initiatives that are a part of the municipality’s Climate Strategy and Sustainability Strategy, including the Green Agents program and Green Shops. This work supports the obligations outlined in the Aalborg Commitments.

The Centre for Green Transition acts as a central point for coordinating a range of the city’s stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, and municipal departments. The Centre is also behind the city’s annual Sustainability Festival, which showcases sustainability projects and ideas and disseminating knowledge to citizens. Among a variety of activities, the staff at the Centre for Green Transition hold workshops, present at seminars, universities and communicate with a range of national and international visitors on sustainability issues further promoting the ‘green threads’ accross disicplines, sectors and political levels.

The Centre is unique in that it coordinates with a range of departments within Aalborg Municipality, including waste, energy and water planning. Sustainability is not a concept that should be isolated to a single department, but rather be seen as a crucial element for all projects and operations of Aalborg Municipality.

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Steffen Lervad Thomsen

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