Aalborg’s Sustainability Strategy (2016-2020)

Aalborg's Sustainability Strategy is the guiding document for the city's green transition

Aalborg’s Sustainability Strategy sets out guiding principles and goals for social development, green economic growth, development across education, employment and health, and fundamentally, environmental protection and improvement. The Sustainability Strategy is a framework for municipal planning and regulation of the environment and is the backbone for Aalborg’s green transition. The Sustainability Strategy focuses on the citizens’ role in the green transition.

Importantly, the Strategy acknowledges the nine planetary boundaries necessary to maintain the health and stability of the global systems. Embedded in the heart of Aalborg’s Sustainability Strategy is the idea that each individual should be empowered to contribute to the transition in their own way, but also holding the knowledge that they belong to an inclusive society that is acting collectively.

The urgency of climate change means that the Sustainability Strategy is part of our responsibility that we have to our citizens and the health of the planet. The Strategy focuses on, among other things, consumption, production, SMART solutions, the circular and shared economy, and in particular the well-being and high quality of life for our citizens. We recognise that the sustainable transition is linked with the happiness and well-being of citizens.

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Steffen Lervad Thomsen

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