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BWSC is a world-leading provider and operator of turnkey power plants, based on a wide variety of advanced technologies using traditional or dry/wet biomass fuels.

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BWSC is delivering the BWE Boiler island for Denmark’s largest straw-fired power plant making it possible to produce energy from biomass ensuring electricity and heat to a large part of Aarhus.

Biomass from straw becomes energy

In 2014,  BWE signed a contract with AffaldVarme Aarhus (Department of waste and district heating) for the turnkey supply of the boiler island for Denmark’s largest straw-fired power plant. Designed to create energy from biomass by burning locally produced straw. With a maximum capacity of 240,000 tons of straw per year with a thermal input of 110 MW the plant is able to  porduce energy from biomass with over 30 MW of electrical capacity and 80 MW of district heat corresponding to 20 per cent of the district heating capacity needed for the city of Aarhus city.

In order to fulfill  environmental protection requirements when extracting energy from biomass, the plant is equipped with a complete flue gas and water treatment system. Thus, ensuring electricity and heat from a clean energy source without polluting during the proces.


In order to produce straw agricultural aspects have to be consideres regarding fertilisation of farmland. When making energy from biomass there will be biproducts from the incineration proces such as ashes. Ashes can be used as a fertilizer, which is useful to farmers making biomass from straw grown on their filds. The plant help fertilise the fields where the straw is grown through the proces af incinerating biomass.

Owned by Aarhus

1.3 billion DKK was put in to financing the straw fired biomass plant. Established as a limited company fully owned by the Municipality of Aarhus.

A few months before completion, BWSC entered into an asset deal with BWE for the acquisition of the their biomass activities and other activities. BWSC completed the project in Lisbjerg, outside Aarhus.

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