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Automatic cleaning of boilers

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Saved 26.000 tons of CO2 per year after installing the AEROVIT system with a payback time of only 3 months

Situation BEFORE Aerovit installation

Orlen Lietuva Refinery has two boilers which are losing a considerable amount of heat due to catalyst dust build-up in the tubes.
After two month of operation the boilers tubes are fully covered by catalysts dust, but Orlen´s technicians cannot stop them for manual cleaning because it would imply the whole refinery to shut down.   The diagram shows the steam production of one boiler: after a manual cleaning session the steam production is about 19t/h and after two months it is only 7,5t/h. The final result of the dust accumulation process is a critical reduction of the steam production, which after two months of operation decreases to 15t/h for both boilers.

Situation AFTER Aerovit installation

AEROVIT is installed in April 2011 on both boilers with immediate results. The steam production of each boiler remains stable around 17t/h, which means 34t/h for both boilers. Orlen ´s gain therefore is 19t/h for both boilers. The AEROVIT system allows Orlen to save 1t/h of fuel oil. This means Orlen is saving more than 26.000 tons of CO2 per year after installing the AEROVIT systemStatement from Deputy General Director for Operations Mr. Viktoras Vasilavičius:
„As part of the modernization program, AEROVIT soot blowers were installed in the Fluid Catalic Cracking Unit at the Refinery and placed in operation as of May 2011. The said soot blowers are used to remove catalyst dust from the pipes of the heat recovery boilers KU-401/1, 2. Use of the soot blowers for the KU-401/1, 2 led to higher steam production rates (as much as 50 to 60 percent) with a 3-month payback time for the investment.

We are happy to say that the project has been successfully implemented and appreciate our cooperation with the company AEROVIT .“

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