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Innovative Methods for Phosphorus Recycling

Enhanced demands for food production will increase the global demand for fertilisers such as phosphorus. The global sources of phosphorus are limited, and the increased demand will result in rising market prices and a global fight for control over the limited reserves emphasising the need for methods enabling phosphorus recycling.

In such a market situation it will become increasingly important to recycle, upgrade and reuse surplus nutrients such as excess phosphorus leaked from agricultural land, causing eutrophication of freshwater ecosystems. Also sludge from household waste contains phosphorus that is not reused today. Manure and sludge may be upgraded for the production of an added value product compared to the commercial available product.

Researchers at Aarhus University are collaborating across disciplines to develop new concepts and methods for phosphorus recycling from drainage water, animal waste and household sludge, turning a waste product into a marketable asset.

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Aarhus University

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