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Realdania supports innovative digital platform for circular construction

Circue ApS has received support from the philanthropic association Realdania for the next phase of the project “Circue – Circular Construction Connected.” The project’s purpose is to develop a digital platform that promotes circular construction.

The Circue-project addresses several known barriers within circular construction, including a lack of knowledge about embedded materials, uncertainty about responsibility and risk, a lack of traceability and documentation, as well as a fragmented value chain.

Circue’s digital platform introduces a range of innovative tools that support decision-making and collaboration in circular construction. By 2024, the goal is to launch:

  • Automated resource mapping, which uses open data and research-based typology analysis to provide building owners with essential decision support in the investment process, focusing on embedded materials and CO2 footprint.
  • A digital building and materials database that creates transparency and new collaboration opportunities across the value chain actors.
  • A market exchange for secondary materials that supports recycling by providing the industry with an overview of available materials across existing and future marketplaces.

Thomas Fabian Delman, CEO of Circue, states: “We can provide the necessary decision support to strengthen collaboration among actors in the construction value chain. We do this by collecting data and using it to create new knowledge in all phases of circular construction – from early resource mapping to renovation and transformation projects to the reuse of materials in new construction.”

At the same time, Circue will integrate results from another Grand Solution project, StructuralReuse, and collaborate with DTU Sustain to ensure the dissemination of the latest knowledge through digital tools.

Lisbeth Ottosen, a professor at DTU Sustain, says: “We believe that together we can contribute to the circular agenda. We need both new ways of collaboration and new innovative digital solutions to drive the construction industry forward.”

The project is expected to deliver concrete results in circular construction, including a reduction in the number of demolished buildings, more and better renovation and transformation projects, and increased trade in reused materials.

Realdania has previously supported the Grand Solution project Circue, from which “Circue – Circular Construction Connected” originates. The support for the new project is DKK 3.9 million.

Vera Noldus, project manager at Realdania, says: “In Realdania, we focus on social responsibility and the green transformation of the construction industry. New circular solutions are crucial for the industry to reduce resource consumption and CO2 emissions. Therefore, we look forward to the new tools being put to use.”

The project, running from January 2024 to January 2025, will involve a wide range of stakeholders, including builders, environmental and resource mappers, testing facilities, demolition experts, consultants, contractors, and marketplaces.

Thomas Fabian Delman, CEO of Circue, concludes: “Circue is grateful for the support from Realdania, which will enable us to realize our vision of accelerating circular construction and contributing to a more sustainable future in the construction industry.”

For further information about the project and the Circue platform, please contact:

Thomas Fabian Delman CEO, Circue
Phone: +45 30295776
Email: [email protected]

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