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Smart Liveable Cities in India

The newly launched 'Smart Liveable Cities in India' report was prepared by Quercus Group and the Royal Danish Embassy in India and was launched in Copenhagen at Asia House on the 6th of June. Its content is based on the knowledge and market insights acquired through desk research and dialogue with key stakeholders in Denmark and in India, between November 2015 and March 2016.

In the context of the fast development of the Indian cities and the urbanisation challenges, the newly launched report presents  insights and opportunities for Danish companies who are interested in contributing to India’s ‘100 Smart Cities’ urban development program. Its three main parts: ‘Urbanisation in India’, ‘The 100 Smart Cities Mission’, and ‘Opportunities for Danish Companies’ offer a carefully selected amount of information, with lightly packed economic and market insights.

Smart City in India
India is undergoing an urban transformation that is seeing shift in demographics from rural to urban areas. This will add additional pressure on the already lacking urban services provided by Indian cities. As a means of addressing these urgent urbanization challenges the incumbent government initiated the Indian '100 Smart Cities' urban development program in mid 2015.

One of the central components of the smart city programme is its bottom up approach. Relative to other national schemes, local authorities have been granted more responsibility and power. This is to ensure the smart cities are designed and adapted to the local context and to encourage active citizen engagement. Approximately 100 billion kroner from central and state funding will be available for the programme. This money is ‘seed money’ to kick start the program and attract alternative sources of funding.

The report is available at this link.

If you are interested to find out more about entering the Indian market, do not hesitate to get in touch!
For more information about the project or how Quercus Group can help, contact: Neelabh Singh - [email protected]

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