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Circular building design

Energy efficiency in buildings


How IoT can contribute to more sustainable homes and buildings

Increase energy efficiency in smart homes

IoT devices are increasingly being integrated into private homes around the world. Smart homes allow the users to connect IoT devices to their smartphones, tablets, etc. and wirelessly control them, resulting in greater comfort and convenience and also an opportunity to reduce energy consumption.

IoT devices like motion sensors and smart plugs make it easy for users to increase energy efficiency. For instance, the motion sensor can be connected to the lights in a room, ensuring that the lights will only consume energy when there are people in the room and light is needed. Smart plugs enable users to turn lights and electronic devices on and off while away from home, reducing costs and energy waste.

Supervise energy consumption in commercial buildings

Building management systems offer the user control of a building’s lighting, space, assets, security, internal environment, and it also provides users with an opportunity to monitor utilities. Users can reduce energy consumption by implementing IoT devices into a building management system. For instance, Develco Products’ smart relays can be used to closely monitor energy consumption in different groups of appliances, allowing the user to gain insights into power consumption and potential power waste.

At Develco Products, we have more than 10 years of experience in developing IoT devices that are suited for building management systems as well as smart homes. Our IoT devices improve energy efficiency by minimizing energy usage and waste, resulting in minimal environmental impact.

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