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Several issues related to water supply, water quality and wastewater treatment can be avoided or reduced through integrated water management and an intelligent approach to the water cycle. It is all about treating water as the vital resource to avoid for instance water scarcity and to ensure that people and ecosystems are protected from wastewater pollutants.

Safe, efficient and reliable water supply
Water consumption in Denmark comes entirely from groundwater that is clean, safe and drinkable – even tap water is not chlorinated. The country’s water consumption has been reduced by almost 40% since 1980 even though the GDP has grown by 75% during the same period. Thanks to a highly efficient distribution system, bacteria and other impurities are minimised and water loss in pipelines is reduced to less than 7%. Despite the fact that agriculture and industry account for two thirds of the total water consumption in Denmark, significant reductions in water footprint have been made, especially within the processing industries.

Energy producing wastewater treatment
To protect people and ecosystems, wastewater treatment of a high standard is crucial. In Denmark, the first national wastewater plan was passed back in 1976 and today, wastewater is handled by around 1,400 water treatment plants before it is released back into nature. However, 2-3% of Denmark’s total energy consumption relates to wastewater. This leaves room for improvement, and most Danish wastewater treatment plants have assessed the potential of reducing their energy consumption. A number of these have already managed to produce more energy than they use. 

Water solutions for all
Denmark has ambitious plans for its water sector. A water vision for 2025 has been created through dialogue between the Danish water sector and the Danish Government with the intention of developing Denmark’s position as a water hub for intelligent and efficient water solutions. As a country, we see great opportunity for mutual benefit in the transfer of knowledge and we aim at turning global water challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth:

- Explore more than 300 ‘Solutions’ within Water
- Connect with more than 180 Danish ‘Profiles’ within Water 

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For further information on Water, please contact Tanya Jacobsen, Senior Project Manager, / +45 22 49 65 14

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