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Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. Today, we employ more than 13,000 experts in 300 offices in 35 countries with a strong presence in Northern Europe, North America, India and the Middle East.

Ramboll Denmark offers multidisciplinary consultancy services within:

  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure and transport
  • Environment and health
  • Water
  • Oil & gas
  • Telecom
  • Management consulting
  • Energy

We provide our customers with cost-effective energy and climate solutions that meet today’s standards. We are among the leading consultants in the world within important energy, climate mitigation and climate adaption services:

  • Sustainable develoment of livable cities
  • Least cost energy planning
  • District heating and cooling
  • Combined heat and power
  • Waste to energy
  • Large scale solar water heating
  • Thermal storage tanks and storage pits
  • Wind farm infrastructure on and off shore
  • Power grids
  • Integrated smart energy system
  • Climate strategies
  • Water supply systems
  • Waste water systems
  • Waste management
  • Biogas

Our multidisciplinary approach also includes other renewable sources, geothermal energy, heat pumps, energy efficiency in building and industry and low energy buildings.

We have a solid selection of energy solutions and cases to present in Denmark and in several other countries. We understand from our international experience how the Danish concept of legal, institutional, financial and technical solutions can be utilized most efficiently world-wide to the benefit of our climate.

In particular we focus on smart city solutions for energy and environment, providing costs effective solutions utilizing the integration of the sectors and benfitting from economy of scale for best available affordable technology.

To learn more about Urban Energy Solutions see Rambolls blog

Att: Anders Dyrelund
Hannemanns Allé 53, København S
2300 København
Phone: +45 51 61 10 00


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