Ho Chi Minh City is climate proof thanks to Sweco expertise

Under the auspices of Sweco, and in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam, the Vietnam Climate Adaptation Partnership (VCAPS) is to contribute to the Ho Chi Minh City’s adaptation strategy. An important focus will be the port’s relocation from the city to the sea.

Just like Rotterdam, Ho Chi Minh City is a densely populated delta city with a large port and it plays a crucial role in the national economy. The city’s economic development and rapid population growth has resulted in an increasing demand for space. Every year, the low-lying delta and heavy tropical rains result in serious flooding, sometimes causing significant loss of life. These problems are exacerbated by climate change. In the near future, increased river discharge and rising sea levels will present increasingly severe risks to the safety of the city’s inhabitants. These challenges demand a sustainable development strategy in which anticipating the impact of climate change (adaptation) plays a major role.

Collaboration with HCMC and Rotterdam
With the Rotterdam-based initiative Connecting Delta Cities, large delta cities all over the world are working together to prepare themselves for the effects of climate change. In March 2011, an intensive cooperation was established regarding the sustainable and climate-proof development of the city and port of Ho Chi Minh City. The cooperation with HCMC is a good example of the projects in which Rotterdam has proved itself to be an authority in the field of delta technology and climate adaptation.

Other partners in the project include the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard District Water Board. The Sweco office in Ho Chi Minh City plays a major supporting role in Vietnam.

The project is being carried out as part of the Water Mondial programme of the Dutch government’s National Water Plan and is being financed by the Partners for Water programme.

Vietnam Climate Adaptation Partnership
VCAPS is led by Grontmij Netherlands and further comprises Witteveen+Bos, Bosch Slabbers landscape architects, Ecorys, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) and Urban Solutions.

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