Energy renovation of public buildings results in major CO2 savings

The City of Aarhus invests around 50 million USD in achieving CO2 reductions of 30% in its buildings by energy-renovating a total of approx. 1.3 million m2. And it’s even good business.

Aarhus aims to be CO2-neutral by 2030, and buildings account for at least 35% of current emissions. Even though municipal buildings only account for 5% of total CO2 emissions, it’s important to lead by example.

Each building is its own unique project, which is a positive business case where the financial savings covers expenditure on interest, repayments on investments as well as energy consultancy, project management and energy management. Hence the Net Present Value for the entire programme is expected to be 26.4 million USD, and the Return on Investment to be 11.6%.

Every attempt is made to save as much energy as possible in each building within the financial boundaries of the programme. But buildings are rarely similar, or used in the same way. Consequently, each building requires specific energy analyses and measures to be able to adapt as far as possible to the requirements of the occupants, indoor climate, maintenance plans and the general condition of the building. 

With Aa+, the City of Aarhus has demonstrated that it is possible for a large and complex organization to reduce CO2 emissions significantly in a financially viable manner – without the aid of an Energy Performance Contract.

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