風車 15 基を中心に 100%自然エネルギー地域を実現

Kuzumaki Town , Iwate Prefecture, uses the “Megumi in Heaven” such as wind power and solar light, Megumi in the ground such as biomass and hydropower, “Megumi no Mikumi” who protected the rich climate and culture and introduced natural energy We are actively working on it. In 1999, “Kuzumaki Town New Energy Declaration” was carried out, and biomass energy related facilities such as wind power generation, solar power generation, wood pellets etc. are introduced as town business or private business. As a result, the introduction rate of renewable energy in FY 2013 has exceeded 100%, 117% of the energy demand of the town (civilian sector and agriculture, forestry and fisheries department) ( “Report of the Perpetual Zone FY 2014 see ).

As wind power generation, the Sleepyama-kogen wind power plant is the third sector of Kuzumaki Town, Eco-World Kuzumaki Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd., which is the main body of the project, and the “New Region of Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) It was built in June 1999 according to “New Energy Introduction Promotion Measures Promotion Measures Support Project.” The generated electricity is sold to Tohoku Electric Power, but wind power generation is utilized as a symbol of the town for new tourism resources and so on. The three wind turbines introduced are NM 400/31 models manufactured by Denmark Vestas (formerly NEG – MICON), and the capacity of the installation is 1200 kW (400 kW × 3 units).

Green Power Kazumaki Wind Power Plant (Power Development Co., Ltd.) is a large-scale wind farm constructed in mountain highlands with altitudes exceeding 1,000 m and has expanded the possibilities of the wind power generation business. Since this wind power station is located in the farm, considering coexistence with the ranch management, considering the ecosystem of animals and plants inhabiting abundant nature, while considering the location of the windmill and the transmission line route We have set up. Green Power Kuzumaki Co., Ltd. (now · Jay Wind Co., Ltd.), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Development Co., Ltd., became the business entity and started operation at 21,000 kW in December 2003. The introduced windmill is V66 type manufactured by Denmark Vestas Co., Ltd. It is a wind farm with 12 output 1750 kW installed.

Photo provided:

  • Left: Kuzumaki cho, Iwate Prefecture
  • Right: J-Power Power Development Co., Ltd.
Netoshi Kuriyama

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