NPO Hokkaido Green FundEstablished a business purpose corporation, centering on NPO and NPO in Ishikari city in Hokkaido, and in February 2005 with the cooperation of Ishikari-shi, two civil windmills “Kasuru chan” & “Karin Pu “was born. It is a windmill made by Vestas (Denmark) with power generation output of 1500 kW and 1650 kW respectively. Ishikari city faces Ishikari Bay, it was a busy fishing industry since ancient times. The strong wind of Ishikari has become a “dashkaze” most suitable for fishing boats, but it has brought people to struggle with snowstorms and large swells “Tamakaze” and “Aitabakaze”. And now, as an energy to make electricity necessary for living, use of strong wind started with the idea of ​​reversal. Environmental activities are spreading as a symbol of citizen wind turbines.

In the projects of these two civil windmills “Kasuru-chan” and “Kari Pu”, we are procuring funds called “citizen investment” that is also being implemented in European countries such as Denmark. With this citizen contribution, a large number of citizens throughout Japan have invested in 500,000 yen, and citizens are participating in this wind power generation business on an initiative basis. The total amount of the project is more than 600 million yen by two windmills, but the NPO Hokkaido Green Fund is the center, each establishing a separate business entity (business purpose corporation) to form a silent partnership, citizen investment The total amount of 470 million yen) was recruited by the Natural Energy Citizen Fund Co., Ltd.

In order to celebrate the birth of these two civil windmills and to convey the charm of wind energy, “Wind Festival Music Festival” using the generated green electricity was held. Looking up at the leisurely windmill, enjoying the stage and tasting local specialties. There was a long row in the windmill tour, entering a tower which was partially opened, and listening to expert’s explanation with enthusiasm such as the structure of the windmill. In addition, I cooperate in environmental learning of elementary and junior high schools in the city, acceptance of school excursion in other prefectures, implementation of Ishikari candle night and so on.

Photo courtesy: NPO Hokkaido Green Fund

Netoshi Kuriyama

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