Wind condition analysis and suitable site selection

Selection of the optimum location, confirmation of the site layout, and selection of the windmill model are important items to be decided at the initial stage of the wind power generation project.

For example, K2 Management:

We will determine the maximum power generation of the site and support clients from the earliest stage of project planning.

  • We analyze the amount of available energy by observing actual wind conditions and utilizing existing data.
  • We verify the output curve as an independent third party, correct the wind turbine (calibration), check the contract conditions.
  • Adopting the evaluation of output curve and selection of windmill according to the conditions peculiar to the site, optimization of layout (micrositting) is carried out using CFD model for more accurate power generation forecast and uncertainty reduction To do.
  • We will investigate and analyze windmill noise and shadow flicker to reduce potential risks of residents’ complaints and project delays that may occur in the future.
  • As a new service, we will verify the performance of wind turbines with low availability, calculate optimum power generation, and validate output curves guaranteed by OEM (manufacturer).

Wind condition analysis and suitable site selection service of K2 Management

Land-based wind power generation

  • Identify places suitable for wind power projects
  • Evaluation of representative weather conditions (wind speed, turbulence, wind shear, temperature, air density, icing etc.) in the site where the wind farm will be constructed
  • Wind farm design based on wind condition observation results
  • Wind farm layout optimized for power generation, visibility, low operating cost (OPEX) and other requirements
  • Annual power generation forecast of wind farm
  • CFD wind condition simulation to optimize wind turbine life and annual power generation forecast
  • Advice on windmill model suitable for wind farm
  • Environmental evaluation (noise and shadow flicker)

Offshore wind power generation

  • Evaluation of representative weather conditions in the planned construction of wind farm
  • Correction of wind condition data (including turbulence) by CFD
  • Optimization of wind farm layout based on international standards (eg IEC 61400) (mainly about power generation and effective turbulence)
  • Annual power generation forecast of wind farm

3D CFD analysis (Micro-Siting)

In order to optimize (micro-sitting) the layout of places where it is difficult to construct wind farms such as complex topography, forest area, building proximity, K2 Management uses the latest CFD (numerical fluid dynamics) wind condition simulation . By utilizing our advanced CFD service, we can check the optimum location for windmill installation and windmill models, and calculate wind conditions that maximize annual power generation and wind turbine life. Our services to optimize the wind farm layout by careful wind condition analysis with CFD have proved throughout the world.

Our 3D CFD report, for example, includes the following items:

  • Description of the wind farm site
  • Input parameters
  • CFD technique
  • Visualization of wind condition by 3D
  • In light of international standard IEC 61400, the results of analysis of extremely important parameters for wind farm such as turbulence, rapid change of wind direction / wind speed, wind inflow angle, etc.
  • Proposal for development progress and next step


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