1.1.1 Project construction

The highly competent managers of knowledge, experience, and proven K2 Management work closely with the client’s construction team at the work site, learning lessons learned from past projects and best practices in client projects and organizations I will. This prevents delays and additional costs in current and future projects.

Sudden changes and decisions to the project during the construction period are seen on a daily basis, it seems that they are doing a jigsaw puzzle. K2 Management has know-how and prior knowledge to reduce design change orders and reduce expenses while successfully proceeding with the project throughout the construction period.

1.1.2 Civil engineering (civil engineering work)

K2 Management guarantees that the design of the site and components are optimized for each project and is consistent with the capabilities of the supply chain. Tailor-made approaches based on industry best practices can dramatically reduce time and construction costs. This applies to any part of the wind power project including foundations, transformer facilities, cables, road construction, power transmission lines. On-land / off-shore field survey and ground survey

  • Local wind condition data and marine weather data: Evaluation of input data for structural design
  • Optimum position of wind power generator and foundation
  • Planning ground survey and geophysical survey on site: interpretation of ground survey report to determine design value, type of foundation
  • Evaluation of excavation holes for foundation work Foundation design and construction

  • Conceptual design of foundation including cost of final design, manufacture, transportation, construction
  • Highest level basic structure design drawing
  • Equipment around the transition piece, for example the direction and layout of the boat landing
  • Detailed basic design based on ground survey, preparation of final document including calculation formula and design drawing
  • Third party certification such as DNV, GL, TÜV etc
  • Implementation report of foundation construction including QA (quality assurance)
  • Preparation of Construction Completion Report
  • Risk analysis of navigation for offshore wind power generation projects (risk assessment during construction / operation period and evaluation of access to the onshore project from the installation site of wind power generator) Electric construction

It is important to maintain optimal electrical infrastructure for each site in order to secure power transmission from the site and secure system power supply for the wind power generator to operate. K2 Management has expertise and expertise to inspect and evaluate on-site layout of current collecting system, selection of high voltage / medium voltage system, transformer facility, transformer, transmission loss, cable wiring, overhead wire, switchgear etc. It is. We also support the design process (power flow, short circuit, harmonic verification), witness to factory acceptance test (FAT), construction completion inspection, construction completion report inspection, support for analysis of electrical accidents etc. It is also possible to carry out.

1.1.3 Risk and interface management

Two important elements in the development and management of complex projects are risk and interface management. There you need to be aware of possible potential problems, grasp the resulting impact, and know how to reduce the likelihood and impact of such risks. K2 Management has excelled in risk and interface management by a team with extensive practical experience. We gained lessons from multiple projects for various clients and a series of knowledge has been accumulated in our company. This allowed us to share experiences with our team and be able to practice the latest best practices.

K2 Management has honed its expertise in managing comprehensive contracts, proactive risk management, and identifying and dealing with responsibilities and interfaces at multiple contract boundaries. We also developed an efficient business risk management process to identify, measure, evaluate, reduce and monitor overall project risks.

1.1.4 Environmental hygiene Safety and quality management

The safety of all workers engaged in projects and wind power generation projects is extremely important for the growth of the entire wind power industry. Furthermore, accidents may cause civil and criminal litigation, but needless to say, it has a big impact on the cost and evaluation of wind power projects. K2 Management supports clients to manage wind power projects on industry highest standards for environmental hygiene safety and quality (HSEQ).

We support creation of quality control plan, audit of supplier’s quality control system, inspection and testing that the product always meets contract specifications and international standards.

We provide necessary training and management tools to our wind power project. For example, it is a well-used and sophisticated tool such as project sanitary safety plan, internal audit, risk assessment, local explanation, training, accident / near-miss investigation, supplier survey and audit report.

We will ensure that all project stakeholders meet international health and safety safety standards. That is, it is a standard like the DS / EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system, DS / ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management system, DS / OHSAS 18001: 2008 Occupational health and safety management system.

  • Management and monitoring

We continuously support the clients to ensure that the running wind turbines are in equilibrium by optimizing energy costs.

Our optimal management services include negotiations with suppliers, advice on contracts and warranty conditions, etc. With regard to O & M, we support clients in maintenance and inspection planning and optimization. We also provide monitoring of key components, emergency response measures, and advising on logistics and environmental hygiene safety measures.

Our optimization program mainly uses data analysis, planning, technical efficiency improvement and systematic root cause analysis using SCADA data or other sensor information.

Management and monitoring services are mainly carried out in civil engineering (civil engineering), electrical construction, wind condition analysis and suitable site selection.


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