Hyogo prefecture’s environmental learning facility “Hyogo Environmental Experience Hall” “Bubbletecture H (Hyogo)” is a facility for environmental learning that raises interest in global environmental issues and can experience various initiatives. On the Wanpaku Plaza in the facility, you can enjoy the environment feeling with wind and sound, toys using light, etc. At the Earth studio, the experiential environmental learning program is being implemented. In the theater with a capacity of 150 people, you can know about environmental problems such as global warming with images, and the eco gallery has exhibition space such as panels.


Building on the hillside of a steep sloping ground, in order to leave natural terrain as much as possible while effectively utilizing the limited flat land part, it floats from the slope. Materials that are committed to building materials, require less maintenance, and have a sense of unity with natural landscapes due to aging are being used. The first truss structure of woody monolayer is adopted for the first time in the whole country.


The skylight made by Velx Corporation conforms to the sloping wall surface of the monolayer three-dimensional truss of thinning wood cypress (Hinoki), and it is familiar well with the wooden space composed of cedar interior materials. And I cut landscape beautifully. We are effectively interconnecting the inside and the outside in this building which is surrounded by trees in the mountains and coexists with nature.


Hyogo prefecture environmental learning facility: Bubbletecture H (Hyogo)

  • Facility Name: Hyogo Environmental Experience Hall (Public Interest Foundation Hyogo Environment Creation Association)
  • Facility design: Shuhei Endo Shuhei Architect Institute (Endo Shuhei Architect Institute)
  • Photo shoot: Yoshiharu Matsumura (Y. Matsumura)
  • Structure: Wooden, Steel Reinforced Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Steel
  • Skylights used: GGL manual type – 21 units

Photo provided:

  • Right: Yoshiharu Matsumura (Y. Matsumura)
  • Left: Shuhei Endo Shuhei Architect Institute (Endo Shuhei Architect Institute)
Kathrine Westermann