A wooden top window (top light)

In recent years, wooden buildings such as schools are recommended.Wood construction is generally a low-rise building with a large floor plan, so lighting is Taking into consideration the durability of many things, it is desirable to have good wind tunneling, so the use of heaven windows superior in daylighting and ventilation is highly effective .

Nagaoka kindergarten built in Izu, Shizuoka prefecture is a wooden facility using 80 wooden windows (top light), using skylights made by Beckus It is designed to distribute daylight, and because of the ventilation, the top window of each room is opened and closed.


Energy saving design

By installing around 10% of the area to be illuminated by the heaven windows made by Belkus, we do not need daytime lighting throughout the year We are planning to obtain effective daylighting with the minimum area so we can maximize use of natural light without losing thermal insulation.With open type closed type If selected, ventilation / waste heat effect in summer can be expected.

With a wall saddle with low capability to capture the skylight, it is difficult to deliver adequate natural light to the center of the building, and only with wall sashes When planning openings, countermeasures against heat loss during winter became a big issue.

Country mayor of Izu Shizuoka prefecture Mayor Oka Kindergarten

  • Use of the root material: steel plate
  • Structure: Wood made
  • Use the weather:
  • VS electric type – 26 units
  • FS Fix Type – 54 units

Billeder: Japan Verus

Kathrine Westermann