Ministry of the Environment ” Integration Osaka (Osaka International Exhibition Center)” at the Osaka International Exhibition Center (SSCA 2.0) (Representative: Ohbayashi Corporation, SSCA 2.0 (formerly Sakuzhou Asia Smart Community Association ) , We are conducting demonstration tests aimed at improving energy efficiency by interconnecting cold water and hot water used for air conditioning between six buildings. Air conditioning heat sources and air conditioners of multiple buildings are connected by temperature-dependent routing system (cold / hot water double loop piping, automatic valves, dispersing pump, etc.), and by using heat efficiently, it is installed for each individual building It is expected that about 40% of the energy saving effect will be obtained compared to conventional cooling and heating systems, and by March 2016 it is planning to put into practical use.

It is decided at the end of October 2014 to introduce thin-walled SUS piping with heat retention combined with the idea of ​​SSCA 2.0 into the routing system of LOGSTOR company of Denmark to this routing system. The transaction value with LOGSTOR company is about 60 thousand euros, the piping system arrived at INTEX Osaka on January 26, 2015, and it has been introduced to the demonstration facility afterwards.

In Sakishima district, as part of the “Sakizh region Smart Community Demonstration Project Plan” formulated by Osaka City in the Sakishima area, from August 2014 extended part of the air conditioner and heat source equipment at Osaka prefecture government office building and ATC complex facilities We are conducting a preliminary experiment of “Thermal Grid System” which connects in a loop shape with 1.2 km piping and thermally interconnects with each other.

The Copenhagen Cleantech cluster in Denmark and the Sakiju-Asia Smart Community Association (currently SSCA 2.0), a general corporation, concluded a basic agreement in December 2013, and in January 2014 Has joined the International Clean Technology Network (ICN) and is promoting international information exchange in the clean technology field including smart city.

Photo provided: General corporate body SSCA 2.0


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