ハーフェンシティ – ハンブルグ市の新市街は緑化基準を定める

In this project greening criteria were established and urban designers used Danfoss’ technology to select a solution that is both optimal and cost effective.

That solution is to keep the consumption of electricity, heating and cooling inside the building and supply system to a minimum. For example, the whole building receives the supply of district heating from the factory of heat and power. Together with heat and electric power, we guarantee that the surplus heat generated from the power plant will not be wasted and will be used for building heating in Hafen City. Thus, 90% of the primary energy is available. This concept is easy to extend to other residential areas and block areas. Compared with traditional fossil-fuel supply, it is possible to reduce fuel costs by 3.7 million euros each year and reduce CO2 emissions by 14,000 tons annually.

District heating is supplied to buildings in HafenCity via Danfoss sub station and indoor hot water supply system and total energy is used as efficiently as possible without leakage of 1 kilowatt. The building also has facilities incorporating other technologies of Danfoss, controlling the energy consumption of the air conditioning system, delivering a comfortable indoor temperature.

All of these will contribute not only to the realization of Hafen City’s view of Hafen City but also to the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020. The city of Hamburg supplies district heating heat to 19% of all houses, whereas in other parts of Germany only 13%. Politicians said they would continue to expand the infrastructure of district heating. By 2020 we aim to expand the network of district heating and increase by 50,000.

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