As a result of the urbanization of China, special demand has arisen in construction projects to reduce energy consumption and pollution. Here is why Danfoss offers energy reduction components, Shanghai Tower has become the world’s most environmentally friendly building. Shanghai Tower has already won the Gold Level (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Level in the United States, has reached the domestic highest standards in China and has achieved a 3 star rating of the green green building design sign (‘Three- star green building ‘award).

A total of 6,700 control valves made by Danfoss installed in the Shanghai Tower will automatically balance running water in a pipe with a total length of 1 km with precise control. Regardless of the room temperature preferred by the lower floor, people on the top floor can adjust to the room temperature you want quickly. More than 50% of the energy consumed in the building comes from heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, of which 20% can be realized by using Danfoss’ control valve.

For cooling and heating systems, Danfoss also offers 660 speed conversion drives, ensuring pumps, compressors and fans are working. By doing this, it is possible to keep operating it faster than necessary in order to obtain optimal temperature. Therefore, this technology reduces energy by 20% to 40% compared with when not using it.

The energy efficiency of the air conditioning system is expected to further evolve by Danfoss pressure transmitter and filter dryer.


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