Owners of data centers incorporating Danfoss’s technology have installed cooling units with very high efficiency, reducing energy consumption by 33% each year.

In the data center it consumes a lot of energy to remove heat. In order to keep data safe in proper temperature and humidity. The weather problem solution company Eaton-Williams uses the Danfoss speed conversion (inverter) compressor by installing the necessary cooling unit for the expandable data center. As a result, electricity use was efficiently performed, and 1.21 points were acquired in the power utilization evaluation of the data center.

In a recent survey, the average rating of more than 500 data centers was 1.8 points. A small amount of electricity consumption means that the building owner saves energy by 33% every year, 1.5 million euros.

The data center consists of 12 high-performance cooling systems, each with a multi-speed speed conversion fan and compressor installed. We minimize the amount of energy used and perform quick and accurate temperature control. To ensure security, the name and location of the data center are not disclosed. This is because the information managed by the server often requires careful handling.


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