Toranomon Hills opened as a landmark of “Regional Improvement Project for the Shinbashi and Toranomon surroundings No. 2”. More than 60 Grundfos pumps are adopted for this super high-rise combined tower which practices thorough CO2 reduction measures as a role model of the new era and supports comfort.

On June 11, 2014 Toranomon Hills, a super high rise composite tower that gathered expectations and new ideas, opened. A stylish building with approximately 3 years since construction started in 2011, 52 floors above the ground, 5 floors below the ground and a total floor area of ​​244,360 m 2 is a super high rise combined tower with stores, houses, hotels, conferences, mainly in offices, It became.

A super heat pump system named LOBAS (Low-carbon Building and Area by Sustainability), which the owner Mori Building Co., Ltd. collaborated with Tokyo Electric Power Company to undertake research, and aimed for super super saving CO2 building, Heat source) is characterized by air conditioning system using medium temperature cold / hot water. By using low-temperature water at 37 ° C and medium-temperature cold water at 13 ° C, we are achieving high COP (coefficient of performance) operation and improving efficiency, so that only 48 air-conditioning pumps support energy-saving operation , It covers all office air conditioning of about 100,000 m 2.

On the higher floors of Toranomon Hills there are hotels and houses besides the office, and it is necessary to pump water to the rooftop elevated tank. For pumping, 18 units of Grundfos pumps with a wide range of high lift ranges were adopted. The CRN serial type assembled in the former stage and the latter stage, unit is drawn up to the elevated tank of the rooftop at a stretch, realizing the high lift of 315 m.


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