Nishiyama Onsen, one of the spa towns representing Yanatsu Town in Fukushima Prefecture, is located along the Takiya River, a tributary of the Tadami River that flows through the southwestern part of the prefecture. Several hot spring lodges are gathering, the only town-owned hot spring facility ‘Saijisou’ is the stage for the Grundfos deep well submersible pump SP series.

In the Nishiyama area, Yanatsu Nishiyama Geothermal Power Station, which boasts the largest output in domestic geothermal power generation, began operation in May 1995. “Saijiso” opened in 1993, unlike other surrounding facilities that do pumping-up from a relatively shallow point, by digging down to a depth of more than 40 meters underground, the effect of the natural environment such as drought, heavy rain, and drought We have prepared a system that is hard to accept.

At the time of opening, the lift was taken by the compressor’s air lift pumping method. It is because the source is high temperature and there is no pump that can withstand that temperature. However, since Grundfos has released a high temperature waterproof insulated motor that can withstand up to 100 ° C, we introduced the test in January 2011 and decided to be fully introduced in May one year later. The introduced GH motor of SP8A – 37 is not a normally used canned type, it is water – resistant insulation type, it is hard to be affected by heat, and its service life is longer than the canned type.

The biggest achievement was the reduction in running cost, clogging of the spill tube due to scale was greatly improved. Results are also rising in terms of power consumption. With an output of 7.5 kW, it is a high efficiency operation to raise the rich amount of hot water of 140 l / min with the output of 1/3 of the conventional one, and when looking at the whole, the electricity cost has been reduced by about half.


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