In the second half of 2009, Yamashita of Hamamatsu Sales Manager of Grundfos Pump Co., received a call from one of the dealers he is in charge of. The phone was a tire manufacturer representing Japan, Yokohama Rubber Factory, because there was a broken pump, I was asked if you could introduce the Grundfos pump for replacement.

Yamashita accompanied Mr. Shinjo Factory, one of the company’s five tire factories, where he first met Kenichi Hattori, the factory director. While being guided inside the factory, Yamashita realized that the main pump supplying the cooling water to the production line of the factory had been at least 30 years old. Yamashita promptly pumped energy-saving diagnosis, Mr. Hattori himself was also interested in replacing energy-saving pumps, he asked the Grundfos service team to do the work.

The result of pump energy saving diagnosis shows that there is a possibility that energy saving of 51% can be realized, and Mr. Hattori was somewhat suspicious about the fact that the power consumption is halved, but the replacement proposal I decided to do it.

Mr. Hattori says. “There are two kinds of budget concerning the investment of boiler facilities, although it is the cost for repair for the major part, but the replacement for energy saving is another budget.In regard to this introduction, from energy saving Reliability was also important, but we decided to replace the old pump by looking at pump pumping diagnostic results. “

Skepticism about saving

Inoue and his staff service department of Grundfos Pump Co., Ltd. conducts energy conservation diagnosis more than 400 times annually in Japan, but even customers who do not trust immediately if they show energy saving effect by energy saving diagnosis I often encounter.

“Our data shows the amount of electricity that can be saved, and at the same time it will directly lead to the reduction of electricity charges.As a result of the energy saving diagnosis, after delivering automatic water supply equipment Hydro MPC to Shinjo Plant first, The same result was also obtained at the factory of · · · · It was a reduction effect of -51% In the first fiscal year of introduction, the electric power saving equivalent to 4,197,970 yen (52,520 US dollars / 41,130 euros) I understand that it is possible. “

Mr. Hattori and Mr. Noro of the Shinshiro Plant confirmed whether the same effect can be expected also with other facilities because the new pump was installed and sufficient energy saving was confirmed. After 15 months, I decided to buy five more pumps. In the beginning, although the story of a reduction effect of 51% was half-trusted, Mr. Hattori and Mr. Noro eventually began to believe that number. “It’s been two years since introducing the first pump right now, but I was confident that I was sure that what Mr. Yamashita had heard was correct,” he joked.

Further evolution

In fact, Mr. Hattori became a conducive position to appeal Grundfos in Yokohama Rubber. According to the results of energy saving diagnosis obtained by Mr. Hattori and cumulative evaluation data, engineers at the Hiratsuka factory decided to set TP 200-400 / 4 at their own factory. Yamashita is confident that Grundfos is getting an evaluation that will lead to further purchasing at the Yokohama Rubber Group. “The first installed pump reduced energy by 51%, but this figure is the lowest efficiency improvement installed here, the next installed pump will be 54%, the next 53% It realized energy reduction. “

Final outcomes

The Noro plant chief who oversees the factory aims to reduce energy consumption by approximately 3% per year. “I am responsible for continuously improving environmental management policies and results and we have a reduction target on CO2 emissions and energy consumption has a direct impact on it. Has set up a basic plan concerning the replacement and renewal of equipment, but introducing such a system became top priority from the savings indicated by the pump energy conservation diagnosis. “

In fact, four Hydro MPC pumps initially installed and their control devices were able to recover the installation costs in 18 months, due to the reduction in energy costs. The pump of the Hiratsuka factory is expected to recover within 1 year, the pump of the Shinjo factory at the second time 15 months, and the installation of 4 Hydro MPC – E pumps at the 2nd Shinshigei plant within 4 years.

The new pump not only had a positive influence on the management of Yokohama Rubber but also contributed to Japan’s “energy saving”. Power saving activity is a movement that began with the meltdown of the nuclear reactor of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant as a result of the 2011.3.11 earthquake and tsunami. The Shinshiro Plant is not directly affected by the power shortage caused by the tsunami (because Japan is divided into two different frequencies in the eastern and western parts), the northern part of Kesennuma that suffered great damage in this disaster In the town, I have engaged in reconstruction activities such as afforestation.

Mr. Noro has kept in mind that it is responsible for achieving the company’s goals regarding waste discharge and energy conservation. “We have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 13% or more in less than 20 years, but we will continue to seek out new ways in the future, energy conservation diagnosis is likely to be realized at our factory It made me realize about important energy savings and I am convinced that we will continue to produce good results. “

Reported by Roberto De Vido

Photo · Articles provided by Nippon Grundfos Pump Co., Ltd.


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