Building climate-resilient cities across Texas

Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio increasingly face the adverse effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, climbing temperatures, longer periods of drought and stronger storms.

In Denmark too, extreme weather is becoming more frequent. That is why Danish cities have developed useful insights and implemented a range of climate-resilient city solutions. Dive into a range of these solutions below. #BuildBackBetterSolutions

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We have collected the best white papers within climate resiliency. Get your copy below!

Nature Based Solutions: Using rainwater as a resource to create resilient and liveable cities

Population growth and urbanisation, floodings as well as more frequent and longer periods of droughts all encourage an optimised use of rainwater in cities. Get this white paper and learn how Nature Based (NBS) can play a key role in urban rainwater management, biodiversity increase and city-dwellers health and access to green areas.

Water for smart liveable cities: How rethinking urban water management can transform cities of the future

Learn from Danish stakeholders within urban water management and get inspired to create innovative water solutions that can make cities healthier places to live and more resilient towards climate change.

Smart cities: Creating liveable, sustainable and prosperous societies

Get inspired by state-of-the-art case examples across waste management, mobility, water, buildings and more! With this white paper you will learn how taking a smart approach to urban development creates liveable, clean, and prosperous socities on both a local and global scale.

Financing the green transition: How investments enable a sustainable future

To achieve the global ambitions for a green transition, large sums of finance are needed. This white paper features ideas and solutions for how to achieve the goals and it is meant to serve as an inspiration for everyone involved in the green economy.


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