About House of Green

House of Green is an interactive showroom and visitors’ center located in the heart of Copenhagen. House of Green aims to facilitate dialogue between Danish stakeholders and international stakeholders engaged in the green sector.

The showroom uses a combination of facilitated dialogue, presentations, guided storytelling and self-exploration to showcase integrated solutions and scenarios across the landscape of sustainable cities, energy, water, climate, resources and the environment.

House of Green is designed as one single space with three main areas:

  • The visitors’ center and interactive showroom is primarily aimed at foreign delegations visiting Denmark. State of Green and other Danish representatives act as hosts that both share experiences and facilitate dialogue and knowledge sharing with foreign delegations within the green agenda. The showroom also houses a permanent, interactive exhibition that highlights the potential and possibilities nested in the green Danish business sector.
  • The virtual universe tells coherent and dynamic stories about Denmark and the Danish industry’s green capabilities on many levels – from the Danish vision of becoming fossil free by 2050 over cross-sector stories to branch specific solutions. Furthermore, visitors are able to explore solutions based on their own interests through a combination of stories, facts, photos and videos.
  • The lounge area and flexible meeting facilities invite collaboration, negotiation and knowledge-sharing among Danish and international stakeholders, organizations and companies.


Funded by the Danish Industry Foundation

House of Green is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and established in collaboration with State of Green in 2013.

“The Danish Industry Foundation thinks that the idea of creating a combined physical and virtual frame around the green Danish narrative is appropriate and relevant in relation to strengthening Danish competitiveness. We are very pleased that this is realized and that a unique international presence can be create to contribute to strengthening the competitive position of Danish business life. This project highlights Denmark’s commitment towards green technologies and creates added value to Danish business life when sustainable solutions based on systems thinking is showcased”.

Mads Lebech, CEO, Danish Industry Foundation


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