Terms & Conditions

Conditions for Use of Materials from State of Green

The following conditions apply when downloading materials from State of Green’s Toolbox, including images, white
papers, films, logos, power point slides and other graphic elements:

State of Green hereby grants a gratuitous non-exclusive right to the use of the downloaded material.

The materials downloaded from the State of Green Toolbox may only be used in connection with the positive promotion
of Denmark as a green nation, including promotion in all written media, Danish as well as foreign (e.g. advertisements,
brochures, magazines, newspapers), in all electronic and digital media, including CD-ROM versions and on the Internet.

The right of use for the images, videos and other materials from State of Green may not be transferred to a third party.

The use of any photos from the State of Green Toolbox must always be accredited to State of Green through the use of
either the State of Green logo or the State of Green URL (www.stateofgreen.com) printed/embedded on the photo, right
next to the photo or in the colophon, unless a specific exemption is granted by State of Green.

The materials downloaded from the State of Green Toolbox may not be used in an offensive way or in an offensive
context or for commercial purposes. By way of example, it is considered offensive if a photo appears with products sold
with a view of profit (i.e. posters, postcards, maps, games, key rings and the like).

Videos downloaded from the State of Green Toolbox may not be edited or in any way altered without specific written
consent from State of Green.

Should the conditions contained herewith not be observed, State of Green shall have every authority to claim breach of
agreement – including claim for damages – and following a written demand, the right of use for the materials will be
cancelled with immediate effect.

State of Green may claim its rights at any time, and on a reasonable notice – also in cases where no breach of
agreement or offence has occurred – State of Green may cancel the right of use, and in such cases State of Green shall
not be held responsible for any claims.

Any disputes concerning the interpretation of the terms and conditions contained herewith shall be settled in accordance
with the laws of Denmark, venue being the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

The right of use for the materials is granted on the condition that the terms and conditions outlined above are accepted.
In case of doubt, please contact the State of Green secretariat, who can help determine each case. The secretariat can
be reached via email at [email protected]

By accepting these conditions you also agree to automatically receive the State of Green Toolbox newsletter which is
sent out 2-3 times a year with updates on new available materials etc. Should you no longer wish to receive this
newsletter, you can manually unsubscribe through the unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

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