Accelerating clean energy development through test and demonstration

The challenge
Securing access to clean energy across the globe requires rethinking the way we produce and consume energy. In addition, it poses new challenges to the way we integrate fluctuating energy into the energy system and the way we balance demand with supply.



The future
New methods and technologies for developing sustainable energy solutions are required, if we are to accelerate the global green transition. Phasing out fossil fuels on a global scale is an ongoing process, which requires investments and focus on energy test and demonstration. Although we have already witnessed dramatic leaps in the development of green technology over the past decades, we need to invest in test and demonstration projects on a continuous basis to promote the upscaling of green technologies and accelerate innovative, energy solutions.

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A global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources requires innovation and radically different ways of thinking. As a result, the process of continuous test and demonstration is vital, as it provides us with essential knowledge that eventually will help reduce the cost of energy technology. Ultimately, the goal of investing in test and demonstration is to assess if we can approach the green transition from a more cost-efficient perspective. At the same time, test and demonstration also enable countries to modify technologies to local conditions, contributing to achieve national energy targets in a cost-effective manner.

Although the purpose of energy test and demonstration is to enable cost-effective future smart energy solutions, high initial costs often act as investment barriers. To stimulate private R&D spending for energy technologies, governments across the world should promote and implement policies that signal long-term national commitment, while supporting environments that accelerate private investment.

In the wind energy sector, testing is a key part of reducing the cost of energy (CoE) to maintain a competitive edge for wind energy. Thanks to solid research and development, test and demonstration facilities in wind technology, onshore wind power is now the cheapest energy source in Denmark. Through test facilities, it is possible to test all parts of a wind turbine from nacelles to blades to full-scale, virtually market-ready, turbines.

Energy test and demonstration only plays one part in supporting international and national energy targets. It functions as a supportive, yet crucial, component in energy development across renewable energy production, renewable energy integration, heating and cooling and energy efficiency solutions.

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