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Søndergade Waterway

16. June 2017

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We are a multi-skilled urban design studio shaping public space around the world. We specialise in urban design projects that strengthen communities with the aim of facilitating a new blueprint for urban life.

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Schulze+Grassov have designed and built one of the flagship pilot projects under the programme; the transformation of Søndergade in Middelfart into a Waterway. The street is repaved and fitted with a new storm-water drainage system that was researched and developed in close collaboration between S+G, a producer of precast concrete storm-water drainage channels and an asphalt manufacturer.  

The developed system increases the street’s capacity for handling and retaining large amounts of rainwater during times of extreme precipitation. On normal days the system also provides new attractive sidewalk seating and plantings.

The project improves the quality of people’s experience of the street; delivering the goal of Klimaspring to create better cities through climate adaptation and green growth.