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Triple helix playground innovates smart grid solution

17. May 2018

Solution provider

Green Tech Center

Green Tech Center is helping to innovate, demonstrate and commercialise green energy solutions within production, consumption and storage of energy as well as energy management of power, heating, cooling, data and hydrogen.

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Increasing the share of renewable energy in cities requires the development of smart system solutions and business models. GreenTech Center plays an important role in this, being a triple helix innovation playground where dedicated green companies, utilities and academic institutions together with Vejle Municipality cooperate on developing innovative intelligent, green solutions.

An example is a project that tests how Smart Grid technology can help office buildings deliver flexibility to the power grid in terms of specific demand-response services. An IT-system is installed in two existing office buildings – Green Tech Center in Vejle and the Maersk McKinney Møller Institute in Odense – that collects and processes the energy consumption and comfort data. In periods of peak load, the office buildings will be able to adjust their energy consumption and thereby contribute to stabilising the electricity grid. The project actively includes the users to ensure a satisfactory indoor climate and enhanced comfort levels, while the building assists in ensuring grid flexibility.