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The path towards Net Zero

4. November 2022

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Port of Aalborg

Port of Aalborg is more than a traditional port, transport hub and business park. We work with partnerships and collaboration. Sustainability and green transition. Symbioses and synergies. Knowledge and growth. Innovation and development. Transport and logistics. Local and global. Job creation and prosperity.... That is why, we dare to call Port of Aalborg "gate to great".

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How do companies adapt to a sustainable future?

In the climate report for 2021 the climate panel of unites Nations – IPPC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) describes for the first time ever the climate change as being indisputably a result of human behavior. Furthermore, climate change is associated with the extreme weather conditions we have witnessed.

The IPCC concludes that the Earth in approximately 20 years is expected to be 1.5 degrees warmer compared to the years from 1850-1900. The increasing temperature is already causing permanent damage and bring us closer to the tipping point where abrupt changes must be expected due to global warming such as polar ice melt or coral reefs disappear.

To counter global warming, the IPCC recommends that the world halve the total CO2-emissions by 2030 and that we reach Net Zero emissions by 2050 for all countries. To reach Net Zero it implies zero emission from all human activity.

On the journey towards climate neutrality, we face enormous technological, financial, and political challenges and at the same time a significant time pressure. The idea of being 100 % climate neutral is difficult and we experience that a lot of companies are very keen to adapt to a more sustainable agenda but have difficulty finding “safe haven”.

In general, the green transition is a challenge to many companies as they do not know where to start and how. But soon all companies will face requirements regarding CO2-emission from the European Union which means that the companies must face the challenges and change to survive and the sooner the better.


To find a balance between CO2-mission and absorption in the atmosphere

The path towards Net Zero is ensured by several concrete initiatives among other things by questioning how the processes run in the company. A part of the solution is to collect data and use that data effectively.

By collecting data from all measurable processes in a company, it is possible to assess for example whether the buildings are being run well enough or whether it can be done smarter and in a more sustainable manner. Port of Aalborg can help companies collect the necessary data to get an overview of where to optimize and improve so a measurable CO2-emission can be saved. Port of Aalborg differentiates from other players on the market as we have a very close collaboration with Aalborg University and other knowledge environments which gives us access to resources and knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

Port of Aalborg has a particular focus on the path towards Net Zero and we are inviting our customers to join us on this journey by becoming a part of our Business Park which includes sustainable construction, CO2-neutral transport, circular economy and much more.


The way to reach Net Zero by 2050

The way to reach Net Zero by 2050 is through several enablers such as digitalization, e.g., data, community, interfaces and tools where we get the knowledge we need to be able to optimize processes in the individual company and thus pave the way to a greener profile. By moving your company to the area of Port of Aalborg, you become a part of a community where we and other companies help each other to reach Net Zero. By collecting data from your company, we can calculate which solutions will create the best conditions for your company to be ready for the green transition and the journey towards Net Zero.

Your company becomes a part of a larger resource system – an ecosystem with access to knowledge about green energy, sustainable construction, waste and materials, transport, operation management, projects, partnerships, relationships etc.

We call this Gate to Green.

No matter what we must work together to face the green transition. Let Port of Aalborg be your preferred partner on the journey towards Net Zero!