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28. June 2022

Solution provider

Nordic Waste A/S

At Nordic Waste we are specialists in biological and chemical treatment of contaminated soil and residual products from the industry etc. The purpose is to recycle the soil and residual products back to the industry without the contamination. By doing so we get circular and recycled raw materials.

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Whenever a new building is to be built, excavated soil is to be dealt with. Often this soil is contaminated with heavy metals, for instance. This therefore often leads to the soil being removed to a waste deposit.


To avoid wasting what is in general good soil, we have a solution, where we manage to remediate the soil efficient enough for it to be recycled and reused.

We are specialists in the treatment of contaminated soil and waste materials. We have the solution for remediating soil for contaminants, such as; heavy metals. We even do it so efficiently that the soil can be recycled as recycled raw materials, in terms of stones and sand. Being able to do so, makes it possible to reuse the stones and sand in the building industry as recycled raw materials. This could be in terms of stones and sand used to make concrete, however, it can be used in all kinds of building materials.

This is done through different processes. Before the soil enters the soil washing plant, it has been analysed so that we know exactly what the soil contains and what treatment needs to be applied. The soil is transported into the washing plant on a conveyor belt, where the first process is the removal of materials larger than 90 mm and any metals that may be in the soil. Then the washing process starts. The soil is also leached for material above 8 mm and lightweight particles are removed from the soil, as well as it is leached for material below 8 mm. The soil is then sent to a cyclone which removes particles above 63µ. It is in this process that the soil with contaminant particles is sorted from the clean sand fraction. The clean sand fraction is transported out in piles and new analyses are carried out to ensure that the sand meets the requirements for recycling.


In this process, the water is pressed out and sent directly to our water purifying plant, where it is purified using a sand filter, activated carbon filter and other methods. The clean stones and sand that have been treated can then be used as recycled raw materials. This process is a safe way to treat soil, where every step is well thought out and tested. This ensures that there are no spills during this process, but at the same time does not compromise the quality of the clean raw materials.

Recycled stones and sand ready to be reused