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Wastewater management

Water management

Reclaimed wastewater for irrigation takes pressure off drinking water supply

2. September 2020

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At the same time, a golf course located in a prestigious area near the former president Mugabe’s palace was using large amounts of water for irrigation. As it became politically unacceptable that the local population lacked access to drinking water while the golf course remained lush and green, it was decided to instead use reclaimed wastewater from the local community to irrigate the golf course. In order to reuse wastewater, though, it was essential to have some sort of ‘storage facilities’ for the treated water to balance the flow and optimise usage. The solution was to build a cost-efficient decentralised wastewater treatment system from Biokube to treat the wastewater from the surrounding community.

The treated water is discharged to the lakes on the golf course and later used to water its fairways and greens. As all harmful bacteria are removed and there is no smell from the plant, the  result was a sustainable source of water for irrigation that made it possible for the golf course to keep its prestigious image while relieving some of the pressure on the community’s water resources.