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Precise Metering Provides Transparency in Energy and Water Consumption

20. April 2016

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Kamstrup smart metering solution supplies data for operational efficiency
When the Housing Association Habion and the care group Amaris decided to make a huge investment in 70 new apartments in the Dutch city of Naarden, they also decided that the complex should focus on sustainable energy. Heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation and thermal energy storage therefore play an important role in the entire energy supply of the apartment complex. With the delivery of 282 energy and water meters and an integrated communications network, Kamstrup is involved in the Amaris De Veste project.

Operational optimisation through transparency
Transparency in the total energy consumption makes it a lot easier to optimise the energy supply in the apartment complex. It allows for more efficient adjustment of the power generation, and the heat supply is generated more sustainably. With the solution from Kamstrup, it is expected that the energy supply becomes even more energy efficient in the coming years.

Kamstrup takes care of the entire system operation for the next ten years. This includes collecting hourly values for heat and water meters and 15-minute values for the electricity meters. Current electricity tariffs are automatically registered in the system and can be presented to the consumers, so that they can choose to shift their electricity usage to off-peak time periods when power is less expensive. Every day, the data is exported to a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server operated by Kamstrup. The enormous amount of data ensures that the energy and water supply always runs at its best – operationally as well as economically.

Involvement of end-users increases energy awareness
An extra plus is that each resident has an account, so that the end-user can see their own energy consumption in a web application. This visualises the effect their everyday behaviour has on their energy bill, and it can help them to actively reduce their consumption

The solution 

  • 282 energy and water meters
  • 30 rental apartments (heat and water meters)
  • 40 apartments with care (heat, electricity and water meters)