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Shipping and maritime

Onshore power for ships

30. September 2010

Solution provider

City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen is a world leader in green growth and well on its way to become carbon neutral by 2025.

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Potential partners
Copenhagen wants to approach ship owners, port operators, contractors, etc., who are interested in contributing to creating a better environment and reducing pollution and carbon emissions while the ships are in port.

Networking for onshore power
Through networking, Copenhagen will work to influence international standards for onshore power which are negotiated under the auspices of the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). Introducing standards for onshore power brings great potential for large carbon reductions with relatively small investments.

Onshore power for cruise ships is still a rarity but countries such as Germany and Norway have all succeeded in setting up onshore power for ferries. For instance, the German city of Lübeck has prepared a solution for a cargo ferry sailing between Germany and Finland. This project shows a carbon reduction of 35 %, while nitrogen oxides have been reduced by 97 %.