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Wastewater management

Water management

Measurement and mitigation of microplastics in stormwater and wastewater

2. September 2020

Solution provider

Danish Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is an independent and non-profit research and development institute. DTI is approved as an RTO by the Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science.

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Based on chemical sample purification and Raman-spectroscopy, DTI has developed a method enabling identification, characterisation and measurement of both microplastic and microrubber particles obtained from water samples. The method has been continuously applied, improved and further developed over the past five years. Focus has also been on the removal of microplastics from different water sources by developing and successfully demonstrating a variety of wastewater treatment technologies. The close collaboration with Danish universities, water utilities and water technology providers has provided important knowledge in terms of measuring and mitigating microplastic pollution in water environments. The projects have received funding from the Danish Eco-Innovation Programme (MUDP) and the Water Sector Development and Demonstration Programme (VUDP).