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Water resource management

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Integration of water ressource management in Burkina Faso

24. October 2022

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

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Burkina Faso is among the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change due to limited natural resources and a highly variable climate. Increasingly unpredictable rainfall patterns, dust storms and temperature spikes adversely affect agricultural production and lead to more frequent food insecurity situations. 

 Many conflicts in Burkina Faso are related to access to and management of natural resources such as land and water that form the foundation of the livelihood of most Burkinabe. 


In cooperation with the Burkinabe Ministry of Water and Sanitation, Denmark supports the improvement of water management through water supply, water demand and water valuation. The project also supports the National Water Strategy, which aims to ensure sustainable access to water and sanitation for all. The project as well focuses on adapting water resources management to climate change and preventing conflicts arising from water use. 


From 2016-2020, 220 villages and 675,757 people gained access to clean water thanks to contributions from Denmark and other donors.  More than 600 km of river banks have been protected. Various initiatives such as planting of plants and construction of stone barriers undertaken as part of the protection of the country’s surface water.