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Indoor air quality

A novel indoor air cleaner at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, China

25. May 2016

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Air in large cities can be so heavily polluted that going inside and shutting the door is no guarantee for easy breathing.

As a world’s first, INFUSER installed its CLIMATIC pollution control system on the roof of the visa building of the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing in January 2016.

Designed as an air purification solution requiring no structural reinforcements to the roof, the CLIMATIC integrates fully with the building’s existing air intake. Today, the CLIMATIC provides clean and breathable air to the staff and visitors to the visa building.The facility managers at the Royal Danish Embassy quickly saw the benefits of having INFUSER’s CLIMATIC system at the visa building. Not only does the CLIMATIC offer a very effective solution to the long-lasting problem of inferior indoor air quality, the system also offers the embassy a direct cost saving. By removing the particles from the inlet air stream without the use of conventional filters, the lifetime of the existing ventilation filters has been extended. Frequent filter changes are now a thing of the past!

From advanced pollution control at a point source to indoor air quality
For the past three years INFUSER has successfully cleaned industrial emissions from polluters as diverse as heavy industry, food production, and wastewater treatment. The new indoor solution is based on the same technology GPAO, or Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation, which efficiently removes polluting gasses by transforming them into particles. A University of Copenhagen study has shown that GPAO is the most effective and versatile air cleaning solution on the market.

“INFUSER wants to provide you with air you want to breathe whether you are standing outside a factory or sitting inside your home or office,” says Infuser CEO Lars Nannerup.

Unprecedented cleaning efficacy
“Polluting gasses are very hard to remove, because molecules are few and far between. CLIMATIC is based on the way the natural atmosphere cleans itself. Here gasses are transformed into particles in a process involving free radicals and sunlight. And particles are much easier to get rid of than gas,” says Dr. Thomas Rosenørn, University of Copenhagen.

The CEO of INFUSER, Lars Nannerup, hopes that this is the first step towards helping the many people facing air quality problems in the increasing number of heavily polluted megacities worldwide.

“With CLIMATIC, we have the technology to make sure that every factory in the world emits only clean and breathable air to their surroundings, but until that has been installed everywhere, we are happy to provide a solution where people can at least have clean indoor air in their homes, schools or offices,” says Lars Nannerup.