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Investment in hydropower provides clean energy in Rwanda

20. October 2022
Rwanda river

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

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Rwanda is a green transition showcase. In 2009, only six per cent of the population had access to electricity. Today the number is more than 60 per cent. The Government of Rwanda aims for universal access to electricity by 2024 but further support is needed to make this ambition a reality. Access to electricity saves money for households, as people no longer need to buy kerosene and batteries or charge their phones outside the house.  


Denmark supports the development of affordable green energy in Africa, including through the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). In Rwanda, NDF financially supports the responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding (rAREH) in establishing the Rwaza hydropower plant at the Mukungwa River. rAREH is a renewable energy company working to increase affordable renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa.   


The white rapids in the stream of the Mukungwa River in northern Rwanda contribute to clean energy. The Rwaza hydropower plant by the shores of the wild river began commercial operations in early 2019 and through its connection to the national grid, people throughout the country benefit from the green energy produced.