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Excellent drinking water for remote coastal communities

24. November 2015

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Pure Water - Made Simple Intelligent Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Mineral water quality
The fresh water produced from seawater with an AqSep Watermaker is clean, and compares favourably to mineral water. The WHO guidelines for drinking water contains many references regarding reverse osmosis technology as an excellent method to obtain high quality portable water. Many major cities rely on reverse osmosis plants for water supply.

Freshwater capacity starts at 4 m³ day in the Watermarker.

Power supply from solar panels
With a specific energy consumption down to 2.4 kW/m³, solar panels (PV) are a practical choice of power supply for the desalination system. In Asia, more than 100 units are supplied from PV systems.

Community building
People from the local community are employed to operate the system. Typically this involves a water kiosk where 5-gallon containers are cleaned and refilled. The same people have also been trained in maintaining the system with reliable backup from a distributor service team.

By using AqSep Watermakers, the water is available to the community at a price similar to city retail. Bulk water boat operators typically charge twice that amount and the money leaves the community. Now a large part of that money remains within the community in the form of salaries.

Proven in rural areas
With more than 375 systems installed in remote coastal communities in South East Asia since 2011 the AqSep Watermaker has proven very reliable under tough conditions.