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Urban mobility

Electrifying the capital

14. August 2014

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The Capital Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark is working to ensure sustainable growth and development – and thus a good, healthy life for the region’s residents. Together with the municipalities, the business community and various organisations the capital region is aiming to become more energy efficient, cli­mate prepared and attractive – green, safe and healthy.

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Copenhagen Electric is the central contact point for e-mobility in the Capital Region of Denmark. Copenhagen Electric gathers expertise from the business, science, and political communities as well as from the public administration.


Copenhagen Electric is part of the Capital Region of Denmark’s regional development strategy, which is based on an ambitious political vision to create a green and innovative metropolis with high quality of life; a vision focusing on efficient and sustainable mobility and green growth.


Copenhagen Electric encourages conversion to electric vehicles in the Capital Region of Denmark through knowledge-sharing and communication as well as by gathering parties in the capital region to develop projects that increase the deployment of electric vehicles.

Climate-friendly transport holds great potentials for the capital region. This applies to overall climate efforts and to better quality of life for individuals. A significant focus in the work of Copenhagen Electric is to strengthen the region’s international competitive position and to ensure increased cooperation in Greater Copenhagen. Developing international cooperation has therefore been given high priority. As in other focus areas the region addresses this by launching and realizing projects and development initiatives.


The Capital Region of Denmark will show a good example in promoting green transport. The initiatives on green mobility include all the Capital Region of Denmark’s own light vehicles, procured after 1 July 2014, must run on other energy sources than fossil fuels, e.g. electric vehicles. The Capital Region of Denmark has established charging stations at all the region’s hospitals. The Capital Region of Denmark’s administration has introduced electric vehicle pooling schemes for employees when driving to and from meetings etc. during working hours.