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Demineralized water for brewery at low water and energy consumption

6. January 2021

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Water is one of the primary ingredients in beer. Consequently, a brewery is a large-scale consumer of high-quality water. So is Harboe's Brewery, located in Skælskør, Denmark. Harboe has a strong corporate culture emphasising responsibility, collaboration, quality and results. When it was time to replace the existing water treatment plant, it was a matter of course to adopt new and efficient water technology. SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied, installed
and commissioned this solution built around reverse osmosis units designed for high water utilisation, compromising neither reliability nor water quality. The upgrade has resulted in more than 200,000 EUR in yearly savings as well as less environmental impact due to reduced water and energy consumption. The yearly savings add up to 89 MWh, equal to 45 tonnes of CO2, 98,000 cubic metres of water, and 49 tonnes of salt for water softening. The return on investment (ROI) was approximately one year.

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