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Aarhus City Park – Temporary Urban Green Space

10. December 2014

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At Schønherr our primary areas of expertise lie within urban and landscape architecture, strategic and physical planning, infrastructure, climate architecture, and cultural heritage. We use the cultural and natural values of the city and landscape as strong tools in shaping environments that stand as testaments to enduring quality and forward-thinking solutions.

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The merging of the two Aarhus city Parks is a “loud” experiment, that shows what can be achieved by letting our green spaces take preference and planning our cities accordingly.

Out of that ambition an inviting park space was created – a park that will not let itself be dominated by practical traffic “solutions” but instead enhances urban life in a green breathing space between the cultural and administrative centres of the city. A strong and convincing expression of the green Aarhus of the future.
The angular hills function as mountain tops in the broad space of the park. With their flat slopes they open to a number of possibilities for interaction, planned or improvised, for relaxation or play. They connect the two sides of the park and point at new connections between the various neighbourhoods of the city.

The water elements with their natural attraction give new and unexpected experiences to the curious – for a moment they make people meet people – in the beating green heart of the city.


Client: Aarhus Festuge

Landscape Gardener: Per Malmos

Water: Ry Pool, Grundfos

Status: Completed 2012

Area: 4,600 m2

Cost: 606,000 DKK