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Vejle Municipality

Vejle Municipality


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Climate change adaptation

Energy efficiency in buildings

Flood prevention

Nature based solutions


The City of Vejle is a Resilient City: ”We transform challenges into new opportunities”. 

Vejle Municipality is situated in the Triangle Area of Denmark, which is characterized as an area with much potential and growth. Vejle is part of the global network 100 Resilient Cities. In this network, cities all over the world have collectively committed to develop and share new solutions to the great climate and societal challenges of the 21st century.

Vejle Municipality's vision is "we transform challenges into new opportunities", which means that we together as a municipality are framing opportunities for a better and more resilient life through entrepreneurship, knowledge, social and business development. With 120.000 citizens and a dynamic business environment Vejle Municipality wants to secure the best conditions for all, and through a holistic approach implement resilient initiatives in order to secure better welfare and growth.

The resilience strategy is framed around 4 strategic pillars:

  • A Co-Creating City - We will create tomorrow’s resilient city through productive partnerships across public and private sectors.
  • A Climate Resilient City - We will use water and climate change as drivers for development of the City
  • A Socially Resilient City - We will increase social and economic cohesion and create the best conditions for future generations
  • A Smart City - We will embrace new technologies and improve co-creation, effeciency, outreach and inclusivity

You can read more about Vejle's resilience Strategy here: Vejle's Resilience Strategy

The launch of the Resilience Strategy: Video

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