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Nordic Waste A/S

Nordic Waste A/S

About Nordic Waste A/S

At Nordic Waste we are specialists in biological and chemical treatment of contaminated soil and residual products from the industry etc. The purpose is to recycle the soil and residual products back to the industry without the contamination. By doing so we get circular and recycled raw materials.


Founded: 2018

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Randers, Denmark

Organisation type: Company



Circular building materials

Landfill and soil remediation

Recycling of waste to material

We processes your excavated soil/concrete/insulation in a sustainable manner. Making sure as much as possible are recycled.

Soil: Circular economy is becoming even more essential in the construction industry. Not only with focus on saving on the CO2 footprint, but also with attention to the issue of scarcity. The industry has recognized that raw materials is a scarce resource. When it comes to soil, we can contemplate circular economy into the handling of excavated soil, and deal with the mentioned problems. Often will the excavated soil be contaminated, which makes it unfit to reuse. However we, at Nordic Waste can both remediate the soil mechanically and biologically, and by doing so, recycle the soil into new raw materials. Out from the soil, we get clean sand and clean stones, which can be recycled into new constructions and by that contribute to the circular economy in the industry. Unlike new raw materials directly from the nature, these raw materials do not damage untouched nature and take on the scarce resources. Instead it adds to the ever decreasing pool of raw materials. Our sand and stones are therefore the sustainable and nature friendly choice: remediating contamination, saving scarce resources, and letting nature be untouched.

Concrete: Used concrete cannot be reused directly and are often looked upon as waste materials. However, by using us, we can help thinking circularly and make it possible to recycle. We crush concrete, so it then can be used in the industry again. The crushed concrete could for instance be used when laying roads and trails.

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