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“Klimaspring” is a campaign initiated to harness the interest in and need for climate adaptation in a corporate-driven development effort making Denmark a leading force in climate change adaptation technologies and creating better cities and green growth.

In order to succeed, we need to develop solutions drawing on all the different agents and areas of expertise involved in managing and utilising rainwater. This means managing not only water flows but also decision and funding flows in a field rife with rules and regulations. It takes innovative thinking and new collaboration patterns. Consequently, our mission is to provide the professional and financial help that makes it possible for corporations to think ahead and across borders, interests and fields of knowledge.

Since early 2014 Klimaspring has initiated, completed and planned 14 pre-projects, seven of which have since become actual projects contributing to future solutions for managing increased amounts of rainwater.

Seven new products
The philosophy behind all Klimaspring products is to create environmentally, socially and financially sustainable solutions that handle water and improve quality of life in dense urban areas. The seven Klimaspring products are cost-effective and scalable multipurpose solutions, so they are easy for public and private investors to buy, install and to operate. The new solutions were developed by Denmark’s leading water management experts. See all the solutions beneath our profile for further descriptions. The solution are:

  •  Climate Tile (“Klimaflisen”) is a pavement system which consists of an innovative underground water management system, which is directly connected to recreational elements in the urban infrastructure.
  •  Interactive flood risk tool (“Dynamiske oversvømmelseskort”) makes it easier to manage flooding hazards more precisely when new urban areas are planned and emergency situations need to be dealt with.
  • Shared Weather (“Samvejr”) links digital possibilities with social action, so that it is easy to take part in local adaptive activities, whether proposing or receiving ideas for specific action.
  • Automatic flooding barrier (“Skybrudsklappen”) is a fast-acting and effective automatic barrier that closes off basement stair-cases and entrance areas to protect them from flooding.
  • Smart real-time control of water systems (“Smart realtidsstyring af vandsystemer”) makes it possible to automatically control the wastewater system in real time, so that the water is transported to where there is capacity.
  • “Biowater” re-introduces the village pond as a rainwater reservoir in dense urban areas. The village pond is a meeting place for residents to enjoy, while allowing greater biodiversity in cities and towns as a natural habitat for animals and plants.
  • Waterway (“Vandvejen”) combines water management and good architecture in a single system solution, re-thinking roads as part of the adaptation to climate change in densely built-up areas.

Water as a new urban dimension
The seven Klimaspring solutions are founded on a strong belief that by handling the increasing surface water volumes in towns we can create social, environmental and cost-effective synergies with other dimensions of urban planning. So while handling the water and preventing flooding, we have upgraded the aesthetic and functional qualities of infrastructures both on and under the surface of our towns. We have introduced elements that make moving around easier, with better access to recreational areas. We have opened the way for biodiversity with blue-green infrastructure.  We have combined digital opportunities with social action. We have made infrastructure planning easier through use of ground-breaking and dynamic data-handling software.

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Klimaspring is a Realdania-funded campaign supporting commercial development of new rainwater management solutions in existing densely populated urban areas. The ambition of the campaign is to create green growth and better cities, putting Denmark on the world map of climate adaptation. The campaign provides professional and financial support to consortium-driven innovation throughout the work process from concept to marketing. Realdania has earmarked DKK 60 million to the campaign, which is scheduled to run from 2013 to 2017. Smith Innovation serves as administrative secretariat for the campaign.

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