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Biogasclean A/S

Biogasclean A/S

About Biogasclean A/S

Biogasclean A/S is a leading supplier of 100% Biological desulfurization and methanation of biogas and CO2. We contribute to the transformation from fossils fuels to renewable energy by innovative and efficient production of biogas.


Founded: 2008

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Odense, Denmark

Organisation type: Company



Bio-based circular solutions





Biological desulphurization and methanation of biogas and CO2

Biogasclean A/S is specialized in biological desulfurization and methanation of biogas. We develop, manufacture and supply fully automated gas conditioning systems combining low operating costs with high availability. Our track record comprises more than 330 plants in operation or under construction in 40 countries.
Biogasclean supplies clean gas to more than 650 MW gas engines and boilers and removes sulfur from more than 30 biogas upgrading plants for RNG production.

H2S removal
The H2S removal system from Biogasclean, is a 100% biological process and the operating costs 80-90% lower than chemical gas cleaning systems, as the system neither consumes caustic soda nor require frequent mediareplacement such as iron sponge, activated carbon, etc. The availability is above 98%. The only residue from the process is a valuable liquid fertilizer.

Bio E-Fuel
Biogasclean has developed a ground-breaking technology which converts CO2 from a harmful greenhouse gas to a sustainable green fuel. In the Bio E-Fuel reactor a 100% biological process converts carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) to methane (CH4). Hydrogen is made from electrolysis of water, which is separated into hydrogen and oxygen.
The electrolysis process is powered by wind and solar. The conversion of power to gas or liquid is called Power-To-X (P2X). The most important advantage is that methane – unlike electrical power – can be stored. Methane can replace natural gas and be used for decentralized power and heat production or supplied on the natural gas grid. Methane can also be pressurized to compressed gas for heavy trucks or cooled to liquefied gas for ships. In addition, methane can be processed into green fuel for aircraft and green plastic for the industry.
The lowest hanging fruit is biogas which typically consists of 55-60% CH4 and 40-45% CO2. With Bio E-Fuel biogas plants can increase the methane content in biogas to +95%, i.e. the efficiency of biogas production increases by more than 60%!
But the Bio E-Fuel technology is not restricted to biogas plants only; it can be applied everywhere where you have a CO2 source. The biological methanation process is +10 times more efficient than anaerobic digestion. The process is very robust and handles untreated biogas and CO2 without prior removal of sulfur and other impurities.
Furthermore, the biological process takes place at low pressure (<200 mbar or 2.9 psi) and low temperature (<65°C or 149F). Therefore, a Bio E-Fuel system has low operating costs.

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