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Towers, Steel Processing & Foundations

Developing and manufacturing the huge elements for the foundation and the body of the wind turbine.

Forming the basis for a strong source of energy
The ever-increasing size of wind turbines sets high demands for strong foundations that are able to resist forceful winds and a harsh environment onshore and in particular offshore. The development of towers is also met with an increasing need for focus on weight and transportability as the turbines grow.

Complex solutions for a complex product 
The size of the towers makes production a complicated process. Specialised machinery is required to produce the large steel sections and a high quality surface treatment is essential to ensure a long lifetime of the wind turbine. The towers are typically made of three or four tubular steel sections coated with paint and sealants and joined by bolts.

Experience and competences
Denmark’s long experience within the wind industry ensures that a number of Danish researchers and companies through close collaboration between the private and public sector have developed key competences and know-how in how to make high quality towers and foundations.


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